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Child Sponsorship at Casa de Esperanza

Near the end of last year, our foundation was visited by the Corrales family from Bolivia. Fidel and Charo Corrales are the directors at Casa de Esperanza (translated to English as “House of Hope”) in the village of Caranavi. Everyone on our board has had the opportunity to  visit them there and what we have found is an unique environment that ministers to some of the most helpless individuals in Bolivia.

Casa de Esperanza is unparalleled from other homes like it for a multiple reasons. One is that they seek to not only provide safe shelter for the orphans that come to them, but rather to actually adopt the children into a permanent family. The children at Casa de Esperanza never need to fear replacement or relocation. Instead, they are considered a child with parents and many siblings. Children who don’t know their parents are even given “Esperanza” for a surname; this comes with an earthly identity and future prospects in a culture who’s corrupt government would just as soon discard the unwanted. Sensing the call of their Father, Fidel and Charo seek to love and care for all the children in the way that Jesus cares for us.

As anyone who has visited Casa de Esperanza can attest to, everything that happens there is gospel-centered. From daily tasks to group discipleship, Fidel and Charo seek to share the love of Jesus first and foremost with all of the children. The Casa de Esperanza team would like to give other families the opportunity to join them in their mission and serve the children with both relationship building and financial support. The best way to do this is to consider committing to a monthly sponsorship of a child. Casa de Esperanza currently houses nearly eighty children. A standard sponsorship is $25 per month. To provide for the most basic needs, they need to raise at least eight sponsors per child. Families, churches, or Community Groups around the United States can commit to one or two sponsorships of $25 per month, or to fully fund a child at $200 monthly—whatever God gives them faith for! With a financial commitment, sponsors will also be connected relationally with the child that they support through letters and other communication.

Regardless of your financial ability, please join us in praying for Casa de Esperanza, the Corrales family, and the children that they serve. If  you do feel called to take this step of sponsorship, visit our donate page. To learn more about Casa de Esperanza and the other ministries that we support, check out our ministries page here.